Dedicated Additives for AAC Production

Poromix AAC Additive is a new generation of chemical additives developed specifically for autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) production optimization. Its primary function is a reduction of raw materials and reduction of water required in the AAC mix complemented with stabilizing function, homogenizing function, catalyzing function.

years of industry experience
binders optimization potential
water reduction potential


Poromix allows to reduce water in the mix and reduce consumption of cement and/or lime at the same time improving quality of products (less cracks, less sticking, better pores distribution, better frost resistance). It has been developed and tested over last 5 years by chemists with a lifetime experience in AAC industry it and has been successfully implemented in AAC plants around the world. 

  • Poromix-2

    Lignosulfonate-based additive composed of a blend of natural components. Proven performance in higher density production and reinforced elements production.

  • Poromix-H

    PCE-based additive composed of a range of selected polymers. Versatile application ranging from density 150kg/m3 insulation materials to 600kg/m3 density reinforced panels.

  • Poromix-ASH

    A special blend of natural and non-toxic polymers designed for AAC production with fly-ash (PFA). Used in densities 400kg/m3 and higher.

  • Poromix-ALU

    A special blend designed to activate and de-grease aluminum particles in the AAC mix for better performance and lower consumption. Can be applied alone or with other Poromix types.

AAC Know-How Consulting

know howIn addition to implementing AAC additives, we offer a range of consulting services in AAC process areas. Some AAC plants require process adjustments beyond recipe design and some require in-depth analysis of their problems. Suboptimal AAC technology set-up leads to the suboptimal performance of the plant.

Recommendations and improvements by Poromix team result directly in savings, product quality increase, waste reduction and even increased production volumes when cycle time is optimized.

AAC production is a multi-factor process where each factor plays an important role both on mechanical and on a chemical level. 

Areas of our advisory:

    • advisory in selecting raw materials (incl aluminium)
    • advisory in design and sourcing of mechanical or electrical equipment
    • advisory in process design - revision of all process variables
    • advisory in autoclaving and energy recycling
    • advisory on testing raw materials and lab protocols

Test Poromix at your AAC plant

Our team is available to travel to your AAC plant and present the Poromix additives performance in practice.

With this form, you can request our consultant to contact you and discuss the possible test implementation.

Selecting the optimal type of additive and its dosage is plant specific. They are defined during pre-test analysis and during test implementation on site.  

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About us

PMX Labs is a producer and distributor of advanced AAC additives specializing in AAC chemistry and AAC process design. We offer our experience and knowledge to AAC plants worldwide. With a team of devoted AAC experts, we optimize AAC production at client plants.

With an AAC laboratory and additives production in Poland, we take advantage of the 60 years of history of AAC in this country. With production of over 6 million cubic meters (in 2019) of AAC the volume amounts to about 30% of European market. In such competitive landscape, key players are forced to look for innovations and gaining the competitive edge and Poromix. 


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